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  Take a look at your thoughts and behavior when it comes to gambling

  • Do you gamble more and more often
  • Do you spend more and more time gambling
  • Do you bet more money than you used to
  • Do you constantly think about gambling
  • Do you have the feeling that you're losing your self-control

Take a look at the consequences of your gambling

  • You have money problems
  • You have problems in your personal and social life
  • You have problems with your work and your studies
  • You have mood problems or you're often depressed


  • You've already thought about or have committed theft or other crimes
  • You've already thought about or tried committing suicide

You may suffer from excessive gambling ... do you want to talk about it or do anything about it?


Specialized help

Suited for your needs

  • Accommodation, listening and understanding
  • Assessment of your all-around personal situation
  • Assessment of your gambling habits and their consequences
  • Personal advice suited for your situation
  • Individually suited support
  • Help motivate you to change your habits
  • Follow-ups that help you slow down your gambling or stop
  • Care that will help you solve health problems
  • Relapse prevention
  • Help maintain on a long-term basis the changes you've made towards gambling
  • Help you to take care of the problems caused by gambling
  • Collaboration, help and support with your family and loved ones if they wish
  • Financial advice with or without your family's hep

Type and Style of Consultation

  • Volontary consultation
  • Law mandated consultation
  • Total respect of medical confidentiality, nothing by any means said behind closed doors is repeated. 
  • Warmth, empathy, and support
  • You work together with the nurse to manage your gambling problems
  • You'll receive the support and the specific care you need to treat excessive gambling
  • You'll be supported in regards to your personal situation affected by gambling
  • You're guided by the detailed care that's specifically targeted to treat excessive gambling 
  • You constantly discuss and exchange ideas with the nurse'
  • You can freely express yourself and ask any questions you wish at any time
  • You'll be oriented towards the medical-mental-social systems if you need to
Last Updated ( mercredi, 11 fvrier 2009 )
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