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Laurence Aufrère is a psychologist, a PhD student and a registered nurse.

On September 1st, 2007 she started as both an independent private nurse treating excessive gamblers and as a consultant for "Responsible Gambling". She is specialized in the psychology of gambling since 1997 and has also taken care of and treated numerous gamblers and their loved ones affected by excessive gambling or excessive stock market speculation. She is also specialized in cognitive treatment of problem and pathological gamblers.

Laurence Aufrère holds a Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Geneva in Switzerland. She is now a PhD student at this University working on psychology of gamblers. Since 1997, she also holds  a university diploma in Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy with mention "very-well". 

Since 1997 Laurence Aufrère takes deep interest in the psychology of gambling and stock speculation not to mention the public health and social questions brought upon by excessive gambling. She is eager, creative, and curious.  After taking a look at her credentials it's no wonder that other European clinicians interested in excessive gambling and treating excessive gamblers. The recognition of her exceptional quality of work has crosses over from Switzerland's boarders. 


Laurence Aufrère was born in France in 1965. Since 1992 she has been living and working in the Canton Vaud in Switzerland, ever since she has been involved with her work on dependence problems. She first started off working in the field of substance abuse and then later on with non-substance abuse. Before working in the field of excessive gambling she had worked with patients that suffer from multiple drug addiction at at the University Hospital in the Psychiatric Department, Lausanne. There she had created and managed groups for relapse prevention among heroin and cocaine addicts.

In 1997, she had completed an internship at the University of Laval in Quebec in the Quebec Center of Excellence for the Prevention and Treatment of compulsive gambling under the guidance of Professor Robert Ladouceur. Professor Ladouceur is considered to be a pioneer in gambling research and the struggle against excessive gambling. His studies done in the field of gambling have earned him scientific recognition worldwide along with numerous awards. 

In regards to anything having to do with excessive gambling in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Laurence Aufrère, herself, is also a pioneer. In 1997, she had created a clinic for excessive gamblers. She was especially responsible for consultations and "Responsible Gambling" training. It's well know that Laurence Aufrère has great clinical experience in the sector of gambling not to mention her knowledge of theory when it comes to the psychology of gamblers and cognitive treatment. Laurence Aufrère brings her expertise to the highest level. She is even mentioned in two articles on the question of gambling and public health, one in France (rapport Pr JL Venisse sous mandat de la Commission Inter-ministérielle de Lutte contre la Drogue et la Toxicomanie - MILDT-), the other one in French-speaking Switzerland (Rapport du Groupement Romand d'Etudes des Addictions -GREA- sous mandat de la Conférence Romande des Affaires Sociales et Sanitaires -CRASS-).Since 1997 she has often worked with Professor Ladouceur on training health professionals and Loterie Romand employees in French-Speaking Switzerland on questions regarding "Responsible Gambling". She teaches and trains students and health professionals frequently in Switzerland and in the rest of Western Europe (France, Belgium, Italy) whether it's in universities, professional schools, addiction awareness centers, public health centers or prisons.She has been a member of scientific committees and other committees that organize conferences on addictions and gambling and is a member of numerous professional associations.Laurence Aufrère is often in contact and collaborates with professionals in  Public Health Services and also the Gaming Industry in Switzerland and abroad, not to mention numerous scientific experts at home and abroad specialized in gambling psychology. She has published numerous studies and articles and has also made several presentations in nationally and internationally held conferences.Aside from her professional and scholastic activity.
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